Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Lou-Is is the next hottest thing coming out of the Midwest. His government name is Louis Ayers and he's been officially making music since 1998. Lou-Is started out solely rapping but before long he realized that he had behind the scenes skills as well. After producing his first beat, the instant rush was enough incentive for him to start honing his skills and using beat-making as a therapeutic stress reliever. His beats caught the attention of industry heavy hitters leading to collaborations with artists like Pleasure P., DJ Unk, 8 Ball, Krayzie, Bizzy & Layzie Bone, Yo Gotti and others. He also produced a track (that he's also featured on) which was used in a marketing campaign for Enyce Clothing Line. The song is titled, "I Got It". Despite all of his success, he's still down to earth and humble but most of all, he's motivated and hungry for more.When I asked if he had some words of advice for aspiring artists, he gave me his own personal motto, "If you have a dream to be anything hold on to it and don't let it go. At the end of the day, you have to deal with yourself. No one can disappoint you more than you can disappoint yourself. Take your destiny into your own hands and don't wait on others because there's no telling how long you'll have to wait." Those are definitely words to live by. Lou-Is believes that he can change the game with his skills and unique style. He wants listeners to hear his voice, feelings and thoughts through his beats. In my opinion, he's well on his way!